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If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer
You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home
Job To Make Up To $500/Day From Home!

Important: Read my full report now as only 15 people are accepted into this program per city at any given time... because of the personal support given to each new member to ensure everyone's quick financial success. Don't hesitate... this page is taken down (literally) when the limit is reached, so read on...

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a lot of national media attention. All positions for this program are filling up quickly. To secure a position you must act now! See below for details...

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Dear ,

If I could show you an easy proven and guaranteed way to make $500 a day and more, working part-time from the comfort of your home... Would you be interested?

YES?! Then this will be the most exciting message that you will ever read.

And here's why:

My name is Shelly Davis, and let me tell you, I used to work hard... Really hard... And like millions of other Americans... While hardly getting by, living from pay check to pay check.

I got divorced at a very young age and I was left with having to find a new place to live with my 3 year old son. I moved to Salt Lake City for a fresh start on life which was not easy. I had to work two jobs, one hard labor job at the airport and some freelance work on the side, just to pay bills.

No matter how hard I worked my bank balance was always at zero at the end of each month, and my credit cards kept accumulating more and more debt. I hated my jobs, my bosses and the debt.

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"This is a fast-growing Internet phenomenon that is making successful online businesses easier, and making people money faster than ever before."

I remember the exact day: It was June 17th, and I got hurt at my full time job, the one that was paying the majority of bills. It was a few days before my little boy's birthday and I was supposed to buy AJ the birthday presents he had been hoping for. But all of a sudden, I could no longer afford gifts. I didn't even know how I could get enough money together to pay the rent, let alone the food for us.

I remember crying that day. A grown man crying. I couln't believe it. I didn't know what I was going to do to pick myself up, it felt like the end and if it wasn't for my son I do not know how I would have had the energy to fight and go on. I knew I had to do something and quick before we were completely homeless and living out on the streets. I needed another income immediately, something very quick. And while I was thinking about it, I asked myself: Before I make a sudden move that will tie me into another job that I will hate, why don't I consider what it is I want... and do not want... in a job?

So first, I began thinking about what I DON'T want in a job...

  • I do not want a boss.
  • I do not want to be on anyone else's time.
  • I do not want to have to wake up so early anymore, especially to that loud alarm clock.
  • I do not want to commute anymore and sit for hours ... frustrated ... in traffic.
  • I do not want to go and work in an office.
  • I do not want to be part of a business of any kind either, with troubles like a storefront, investment, inventory, employees, extensive record-keeping, or having to sell products to anybody.
  • And I do not want anything that requires special training, education, or skills, because I do not have any and I don't have the time or finances to get any right now.

  • I want to work from home or anywhere else I choose. I want a job that will give me the free time I desire to spend with my son who has suffered from our situation the past few years.
  • I want an income that will give me and my son more then we need to pay the bills and reward us with a few treats now and again. 
  • I want to take time off whenever I want and I want to have plenty of time for other people including myself and my hobbies.
  • I want something that will be reasonably easy.
  • I want a job that I will enjoy 100% of the time.
  • I want to only work a few hours a day, whenever I choose.
  • And I want, or need to start making money immediately.

And do you know what... to my surprise two weeks after this terrible day...

And here is how it happened:

After thinking it over, I began expressing to people the type of job, I wanted. Most people did not take me very seriously. I myself did not know if something like this really did exist. But I did make the conscious decision to keep my eyes open for it. And just two weeks later, while in my doctor's office I met some guy who was working from home, part time, and had been for a few years. He told me his work from home job give him all the things I had described, and urged me to try it out.

So I did... and... it turned to be the best decision of my life!

Within three months I quit my other job and ceased working freelance. I now had an easy work at home job, where I work 1-4 hours a day, making me DOUBLE (and soon much more) than I was earning before. I no longer had a boss, I worked as a little or as much as I wanted, I began paying off my debt, and I watched both my life and my son completely turn around.

I finally got rid of the office politics to make my own rules!

I can go ahead and take off the afternoon to go to my kids' sports practices, recitals, or other lessons. I can pick my own hours, I can take off as much time as I would like, whenever I need to.

Success StoryMy story isn't all that much different than anyone else... I worked in the work force since I was 15 yrs old. I'm 50 years old now. Three years ago I hurt my back and was told recently that I would not be able to return to my old line of work as a heating and A/C serviceman and was recommended for a sit down job. That meant sitting all day and answering a phone making less money than my bills. Faced with losing everything that I've worked for, I had some fast decisions to make. One that I made was to learn about working from home on my computer. But I hadn't a clue as to where to begin. I decided to give it a try, and I'm glad I did...

...They didn't promise to make me rich or anything like that, but they did offer me the knowledge and tools that I would need to be successful on my way to not only making ends meet, but to gain financial freedom...

...After all, I quit school in the 9th grade. I've never run an online business before... So if I can do it, so can you! ** Randy C.


Fast forward to today and I am now a millionaire from working at home. I live in my dream house, buy all the things I want, do what I want, take vacations around the world, and I'm able to give my son the life I have always wanted to.

I live in Hawaii, I have no financial worries anymore and, I feel so secure, free and happy... It is the ultimate high in the world, a feeling hard to explain.

My life turned around so fast... That I soon began sharing my story with others. And since then, I have helped thousands of other people achieve their financial dreams and goals working at home.

You may be familiar with me from the one day work at home webinars I used to present in Salt Lake City Utah. Others know me from the numerous interviews, podcasts and teleseminars that I have done in the past. And there are so many people coming to me today for help and advice on getting started working from home that I've been called the number 1 work at home consultant in the whole of America.

And right here, right now, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about making the money of your dreams from home starting today! I'm going to tell you about the best opportunity I have ever discovered... A legitimate, proven, and easy work at home job opportunity that can make your financial dreams come true, as it did for me and has done for thousands of other people worldwide!


Live The Life You've Always Wanted...


The truth is, men, women... retired people... are making money online working from home.

And Now I Am Going To Show You How
To Successfully Work Online and Make
A Ton of Money From Home Through
These Simple Steps Right Now -
So You Can Too!

Last night I actually made money in my sleep! The internet is awesome, and I'm so glad you guys are helping me make this a success. I couldn't do this without you!
** Lori E.

If there is anyone out there debating if you should do this or not, or if you could do this or not, the answer is, you could and you should!

For the first time in my life, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! And so is my family! That's the best part of it all! Forever Grateful and Thankful!!!
** Veronica R.

I recommend this program to anyone that is need of starting over in life, like myself, or maybe just needs to supplement their current income. Thanks!!!!
** Dan W.
My Online Business - Financial Independence - In The News

Did you know that it is estimated that there are more than 25 million people are working from home? That is a huge amount of people and every year more and more people are fleeing the rat race to work from home.

So why the boom in people working at home?

Because it is now easier and more realistic than ever before in history to make a remarkable income from the comfort of your own home! The Internet spawned new jobs that could easily be done from home with nothing more than a computer with Internet access. And many companies, large and small, are realizing they could have people working from their homes, thereby saving them large amounts of money on office space and other employee expenses.

And though many people still do not know about this yet, one of the most in demand work at home opportunities is internet link posting - posting links on the internet.

So, let me tell you about it:

You've probably seen links offered for many products you've purchased before. For example, imagine you were on the Internet and saw a link for a cell phone that you liked for $125. You may click the link and make a purchase or visit the company website to learn more and possibly even make a purchase.

Do you know why the link is there?

Because it makes you more willing to buy the cell phone! Sure, the company makes less money because of the cost of placing the link on that specific website but, many more people will buy the phone as a result of putting the product out there in front of thousands of people to view. And the increase in sales more than makes up for the special price of $125... So... The company ends up profiting A LOT more because of the sheer volume. In fact many companies often see a 10-20% increase in sales by offering affiliate links. And 10% to 20% of millions and billions of dollars is a lot of money!

It's no wonder tens of thousands of companies in the United States are offering links for their products. Both small businesses and large corporations do this. And here's where the massive money-making opportunity knocks on your door because of it...

You see, there are millions of links posted by home business owners every year, and companies need tons of people to process them! Companies do not post links themselves. They would have to buy new buildings and hire and house thousands of new employees to do that.

Instead, they know anyone of any age and background can do this from home with no over head because it is so simple and easy, and anyone can learn to do it themselves in an afternoon and begin immediately with no training. And it can be done from anywhere. Therefore, companies obviously much prefer to have people posting the links, independently, from their own home.

And even though it is so simple and easy (I will show you the three easy steps to post a link shortly) ...And can be done from home... The money is still great because of the huge volume that can be created from just one link!

Here's an illustration of how much money you can make in just a few different scenarios:

Let's do the math: 15 links for $15 each equals $225. That's $225 for 60 minutes of work! If you do this five days a week, you can make $1,125 a week... $4,500 a month... and $58,500 a year! And that's just 1 hour a day, I do at least 3 hours per day Monday to Friday keeping the weekends to myself.

And you can work as little or as much as you want! It doesn't matter. I personally now work about 4 hours a day, and that's because I really enjoy it and I like to make a very big income so I can go overboard with providing for my family. It all depends on how much money you want to make.

Here's an illustration of how much money you can make in just a few different scenarios:

As you can see, you can make a part-time income with this or a full-time income with it. The choice is up to you. The above calculator shows you just a few examples. You can do less or you can do more. And I've got to tell you, people are often shocked the first time I show them the amount of money to be made positing links from home. It is really remarkable... And there are three main reasons posting links is so profitable:

Reason #1: Companies are desperate for more people to post links from home. When demand surpasses supply, wages are high. It's the economic Law of Supply and Demand working in our favor... and... there's an insatiable demand for this job!

Reason #2: If companies were to hire employees to do this job, they would need to spend a new fortune on hiring, buying new office space, management, and all the many expenses that come with it. It would cost them too much and, they would have to pay people small wages to keep this profitable for them. Instead, by having people work independently from home, companies are saving millions of dollars, and they can pass many of these savings on to you.

Reason #3: Companies experience huge increases in sales because of these links. Links make them millions of more dollars every month, but without people to process them, companies can't offer them. So basically, you can make great money because it's worth it for companies to pay you a lot to motivate you to post lots of links. Sure, for you it's a lot of money you're getting paid... but... in these companies' eyes... where millions of dollars are at stake, it's a small investment that reaps them enormously greater financial rewards.

To sum it up... for you and me, it's almost like being able to 'ethically' take advantage of all these fortune 500 companies extra money, and to finally be able to get a good piece of it, the easy way!

It's amazing how something so simple such as posting links from home made me financially independent.

Listen: I've been posting links for over five years now for many major search engines worldwide... I probably know more about this opportunity than anyone else alive... And have become quite famous as a pioneer of link posting. That's why I've successfully been able to teach thousands of people world-wide how to get into this and realize their financial dreams.

In fact, companies have been so happy about me spreading the word that an executive officer of a major corporation asked me one day, "Shelly, why don't you create a certified, comprehensive program for people that would tell them about this opportunity, and show them how to get started right away in a clear step-by-step format?"

And so... that's exactly what I did!

I've created the industry-wide acclaimed...

This is the only certified program in the world for Internet link posting, and over 1,000 people world-wide have been certified through this program, now making the money of their dreams by posting links from home... for every type of company you can think of!

This program has been raved about by many in the work at home industry, and has recently been rated the #1 work at home program in America by leading work at home review sites.

To see why, here are the amazing benefits this program gives you, that enable you to easily and immediately start making the money you need, desire and dream of...

First, you receive access to our full training center which will cover everything you need to know, step by step!

Plus, I help you select the best places to start with, so don't worry about being overwhelmed by the many choices! There are a lot to choose from and I help ensure you pick the best one(s) for you.

To do so, you'll get a master list of the companies that offer the highest pay for posting links. You'll also get constant real time updates of the companies offering the highest pay per link submitted, so you can always be sure of making maximum money in minimum time!

And by enrolling in my certification program... you are GUARANTEED an immediate position.

Here's something else that is really great about this program: Even though you're posting links for a reputable company...

That's right! You don't have anyone managing over you or telling you what to do. You have no one to report to. Even though you are posting links for the company, you are not their 'employee.' You are completely independent!

Basically, by signing up with a company to post links, you're given 24 hour access, 7 days a week, to links that need posting. And, you have no working obligations. You can work in the day, afternoon, evening, night, it doesn't matter! You can work at a different time every day. You can work whatever days you want. You have complete control and flexibility over your schedule.

And as I told you, posting links is very simple and easy! You're given access to your own personal account and all you do is...

Easy Step #1: You log into your personal account and learn how to do the linking following the step-by-step system.

  My Online Business - Financial Independence - Suite  

Easy Step #2: Log on and enter your information to create your online account to place your links to quality products.

  My Online Business - Financial Independence - Suite  

Easy Step #3: Use the back office to deposit your money.

  My Online Business - Financial Independence - Suite  

The 'Back-Office' Allows You To Deposit Money Directly
Into Your Bank Account Or Have Checks Sent Directly To You!


That's it! Follow these three easy steps and you're done! To fill out one link took you 1 to 2 minutes and, you just made $15 dollars! Do this over and over again, as much as you want, to make all the money you want!

Process 5 links for $75 a day... 15 links for $225 a day... 30 links for $450 day...or more! To put it another way...

# Ads You Post Per Day Money You Make Per Day Money You Make Per Week Money You Make Per Month Money You Make Per Year
5 ($15.00 Each) $75.00 $375.00 $1,500.00 $19,500.00
10 ($15.00 Each) $150.00 $75.00 $3,000.00 $39,000.00
15 ($15.00 Each) $225.00 $1,125.00 $4,500.00 $58,500.00
20 ($15.00 Each) $300.00 $1,500.00 $6,000.00 $78,000.00
25 ($15.00 Each) $375.00 $1,875.00 $7,500.00 $97,500.00
30 ($15.00 Each) $450.00 $2,250.00 $9,000.00 $117,000.00

It's like a bank statement showing you your earnings for every link you posted. And it's updated real time, so you have a clear earnings report!

I love clicking on my earning report more than anything in the world, and I check it all throughout the day! It's really motivating to instantly see the money you're making. You don't have to wait to see your pay... you can see it verified anytime you want in your personal account. It's a really amazing, comforting, and uplifting feeling you have to experience for yourself!


And the best part is...

And even better... you can visibly see exactly how much money you're making by clicking into the earnings section of your personal online accounts! Here's a glimpse what they look like:


These companies are reliable. You get paid on time, every time. You can also login at any time during the day to check your stats and keep track of how much you have made in real-time. No more worries on late paychecks.

And so now, the personal account you're given is very easy to use. It was specifically designed so that even someone with no computer experience at all could learn to use it in just a few minutes. If you know how to check email, navigating your personal account will be just as easy. You'll get clear step-by-step instructions, easy to read text, and big visible buttons.

Let me tell you something. Come a little closer. Posting links from home is so easy, and the benefits so incredible, I am sure you'll never want to do anything else ever again, but this... Just imagine!

  You can work as little or as much as you want, anytime you want!
  You don't need any special skills, training, or education! You can get started in an afternoon!
You can start to make money immediately! It takes 1-2 minutes to post a link!
You can achieve financial independence, end your money worries, and live whatever lifestyle you want!
You can have all the time you want for your family, friends, and hobbies!
You can take vacations whenever you want! (I also like to take 'working vacations' at exotic locations around the world).
You don't have to wake up to an alarm clock anymore!
You can do this part time or full time! (If you currently have a job, you can feel secure by keeping it and doing this part time until your part-time income with this exceeds the income you're currently making).
You can work from your home or anywhere else you choose to! (I like to either work in my kitchen or living room, and sometimes I work in bed).
You don't have to get dressed for work anymore! Work at home and wear whatever you like to wear at home!
You don't have to drive anywhere, get frustrated in rush-hour traffic, or pay ridiculous gas prices to get to work and back every day! Instead, use all that saved money and time for other enjoyable things in your life!
You won't have a boss hovering over you anymore! You are completely independent and the only person you answer to is yourself. You're the boss now!
You can rest assured you'll be able to make the money of your dreams for the rest of your life with this! (You don't have a boss, so you don't have to worry about getting fired.) Demand for this job is extremely high and is projected to remain so for decades to come.
You don't have to deal with crappy co-workers or office politics! If you've had to deal with this before, you're going to love the peace of mind you'll have without it.
You can give yourself a pay raise anytime you want! All you do is post more links! And you can post all the links you want, there's no limit!

This certification program guarantees you an immediate position of your choice as a Link Placement Agent. It takes only a few minutes to sign up with the company you want and, you can do so online without EVER having to talk to anyone in the company! You can also have multiple placements with different companies if you choose.

As soon as you sign up on our Wealth Development Center, you're immediately emailed your Welcome Letter with the link to our Wealth Development Center.

The Wealth Development Center link will be emailed within five minutes of signing up to get you started immediately. It's very clear, easy-to-read, and walks you through everything in detail, step-by-step. You can read it in an afternoon and...


But that's not all...

You'll get complete lifetime access to the new and constantly updated Wealth Development Center.  
You'll find out which companies currently offer the highest pay for posting links, and you'll stay up to date with constant real-time updates of the companies offering the most pay.  
You'll get access to tons of insider tools that will make posting links as easy and fast as it can be.  
You'll have instant access to things it took me over 5 years of frontline experience in posting links to discover.  
You'll get tons of extra resources that will help you make the money of your dreams.  
Proven tips & tricks, including business advice from Entrepreneures and Online Experts.  
You'll always be updated with the latest information you must know as a Link Placement Agent, as well as new resources and tips we develop and come across.  

Make money Working From Home Online for the rest of your life!

My Online Business - Financial Independence is compatible with everything

Access To The My Online Business
50,000 Links, All the Training Programs & Videos

  My Online Business - Financial Independence - Suite  

  My Online Business - Financial Independence - Suite  

Plus, by signing up today, you'll get...

I know the huge difference it makes to talk to a real live advisor. So I've put together a Highly-trained staff of success advisors to give you some guidance. You'll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Link Placement Agent Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.

Even more, you'll get the email address to a success advisor who you can contact anytime you want with your question, and you'll get a quick response back with whatever you need. This is a lifetime privilege you receive as a member of this certification program.

In fact, if you sign up today, I will also give you my personal email address! That's right, my personal email address. So you can email me directly if you wish with questions or comments. I know it's what I would want if I were you, and that's why I give it to you.

You see, this certification program is designed to provide you with your dream income from home, and you receive a lot of personal support to ensure your success.

All this makes it a reality for people to transform their lives by posting links from home.

That's why we receive so many remarkable testimonials, a sample of which we've posted throughout this website to share with you. And that's why I'm 100% confident that by registering for this certification program, you'll have a testimonial of your own to share as well.

More so, it couldn't be easier to get started because... this certification program is backed by a 100%... 60 Day... 'Make Money Or It's Free' ... Satisfaction Guarantee!

My Personal Ironclad
Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You are guaranteed immediate placement as a Link Placement Agent by joining this certification program, or you'll get your money back!

After you sign up, take up to 60 days to try out posting links from home with this program. If you aren't making money and aren't satisfied, ask for a full refund anytime within 60 days. You'll get your entire fee back immediately. (You can ask for a full refund by phone or email, full contact details are below). In other words, you make money with this, or it's free.

Plus, even if you ask for a refund, I want you to keep all the special gifts you're going to receive as a member. I know this guaranteed program to make money isn't for everybody, so if it's not for you, I understand and want you to accept these free gifts as a token of my appreciation for giving the program a try.

I make this guarantee to you because I know that by giving this an honest try, you'll make all the money you desire, just like I and thousands of other people all over the world are doing.

How can I make such a rock solid guarantee? It's quite simple - The bottom line is this - this works. There are no outrageous earnings claims, no 'B.S.' (pardon my language but I really feel like a lot of stuff out there is pure crap), no get rich quick schemes about making you an instantaneous $100K at the push of a button... because at the end of the day, if you believe in that type of hyped up marketing, you'd be better off purchasing a ticket to Las Vegas and gambling away your life savings! Period.

How much does it cost? Well, let's first consider the value of everything you receive when you sign up to the Link Placement Agent Program?...

  • Guaranteed immediate placement! (Value: Priceless)...
  • Access to the Wealth Development Center with dozens of resources, and more added all the time (Value: $997)...
  • The official quick-start guide, How To Make A Fortune posting links From Home (Value: $97)...
  • Your free one-on-one consultation with success advisor (Value: $150)...
  • Free lifetime and unlimited email support by me and your own success advisor (Value: $497)....
  • And a lot more as described earlier (Value: Hundreds of dollars)...

But of course, that is NOT what it costs!

With the help of a financial strategist, I have figured out that to cover my costs of offering all this lifetime value and support to you, I can still bring the price down over 75%...to $197.95.

However...even though $197.95 is more than worth it compared to the value you get, I know that before I began working at home, $197.95 was a lot of money and, I want to make sure this opportunity is as affordable as possible to give you and anyone else a fair chance to try it out.

So I ended up consulting with a few more financial strategists and... I'm happy to tell you I've been able to come up with a way to temporarily give you an insider deal that's just irresistible!

You can sign up today for membership into the Link Placement Agent Program for:

Special One-Time  

Investment:    $97   

Coupon Code: lh2a-    

That's right, for only $97, you get everything I told you about Sign up today and within five minutes you'll receive your link to The Wealth Development Center, lifetime access to The VIP Members Area... unlimited personal support accessing our resources...and all the other things I've described! You get all this within five minutes so you can start making money right away!

And you can have your investment back in just One Day! By posting 15 links in 60 minutes you can make $225, so that means in your first 60 minutes you can make back your one-time investment of $97, and already be $127 ahead!

More so, by posting 15 links in 60 minutes a day...5 days a week...you can put $58,500 year-after-year into your bank account, so the financial value you're receiving is enormous! Think about it, you invest $97 once, and you receive back $58,500 over and over again!

Furthermore, you're backed by my personal 100% Ironclad, 60 day 'Make Money Or It's Free,' Satisfaction Guarantee. This program makes you money or it's free. Period! So you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out...rather...you have absolutely everything to gain!

All you have to do to get started is click the button below:

Please Be Advised:
This Special Offer Expires:

I've told you above that I'm able to make this special price available only temporarily. And that's because I am severely limiting membership right now to a limit I and my current staff can handle without incurring any more costs. But to keep providing this certification program, and to expand it to more members, I will soon have to add to the $97 fee an additional monthly membership fee of about $49.99, or else raise the one-time fee to about $500.

However, if you sign up to become a member today, I'll lock you in at this low one-time investment of $97 for life. If I start charging an additional monthly membership fee in the future, it will not apply to you. And if the fee goes up to $500, you'll be happy you saved yourself over $400 by acting today. Your one-time only investment right now grants you full certification and lifetime membership with no ongoing or additional charges, ever.

Also, I and my staff can only handle giving personal support to 115 new members at any given time in this program. That's why if you want to get in, I advise you to sign up now, today, before spots become unavailable again. To see the current availability, here is the latest update:

When all the spots are filled, this webpage is shut down and replaced with the following notice:

'We're sorry, but we cannot accept any new members into our program at this time. Please check back in the future for openings."

Don't let that happen to you. Click below to sign up now before all the spots get filled:

As soon as you click the button to join, you're taken to a Risk-Free Certification Enrollment Form, which will give you access to a secure processing page where you can safely enter your contact and payment information. It's very easy and quick to fill out.

As soon as you do that, you'll be emailed within five minutes your Link to the Wealth Development Center... where you will pick out your own username and password to immediately enter the exclusive My Online Business Members Only area... my email address along with an advisor's email address... and the many other things I've told you about.

So don't hesitate. Get started today positing links and making the money you desire from home right away! You'll be forever grateful you did. Click the button below to get started now:

To your financial success,

Shelly Davis

Order my program Now & get instant access to the Entire My Online Business System (3am or 11pm, it doesn't matter because ordering and access is available 24 hours a day!)

P.S. Remember, with a 60 day 'make money or its free' guarantee, there is nothing you can lose by trying this out... rather... you have financial independence from home to gain!

P.P.S. Sign up (it's risk-free) now, today, before the price goes up or availability closes down.

P.P.P.S. If you join today you'll also immediately be sent a special free bonus gift that will open the doors for you to eight other remarkable ways of making money from home! Becoming financially independent could not be any easier and faster than by having this 'money bible' in your hands as well. This bonus gift is itself valued at $97, and it's yours today for FREE as a fast-action bonus! Claim it while it's still available:


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